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ProMarine: Producer

For over 25 years ProMarine has been a producer and supplier of RIBs and planing workboats worldwide.

Our innovative and well thought out way of building can be found and seen in our boats.

By renting out our own fleet, we get substantiated feedback on sailing by boatman and skippers.

This feedback is then processed for our upcoming models, which results in a good, safe and ergonomic responsible sailing planing workboat.

 ProMarine: Your Partner

ProMarine produces and supplies planing workboats from 5 to 16 meters. They are used daily, by our own tried and tested concept boats.

With the delivery of our boats, our instructors provide a fitting sail- and user training on site.

ProMarine produces workboats for the oil-industry, coastguards, search & rescue, customs, military and patrol among other things.

Our boats our globally known for their seaworthiness, performance, stability and comfort.

Why ProMarine?

With ProMarine, under any circumstance, you get the insurance that with a rented/bought RIB or planing workboat you’ll be safely and comfortably brought ashore.


For every type of boat there is a rent or lease concept, with or without the possibility of a crew. If desired, boats can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us.

Custom Designs

ProMarine works closely with the customer to fulfill their preferences and specific needs as close as possible

We translate this to your needs, a tailored boat; fast, sound, but mostly comfortable.

Maintenance / Repairs

In combination with our renting and lease service we provide a maintenance and repairs construction.

At which maintenance and repairs can be executed on site, anywhere in the world.